Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 môn Tiếng anh 8 - Năm học 2013-2014 (Có đáp án)

Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 môn Tiếng anh 8 - Năm học 2013-2014 (Có đáp án) có đáp án bám sát theo cấu trúc đề thi chính thức để các em học sinh ôn tập và luyện
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  1. PHÒNG GIÁO DỤC VÀ ĐÀO TẠO . ĐỀ KIỂM TRA HỌC KÌ I – NĂM HỌC 2013-2014 MÔN:TIẾNG ANH– LỚP 8 Thời gian: 45 phút (Không kể thời gian phát đề) (Học sinh không phải chép đề vào giấy thi) I.Choose the word whose underline part is pronounced different from that of the others.(1.0 m) 1.A.deaf-mute B.bead C.steamer D.meaning 2.A.enough B.cough C.night D.laugh 3.A.appeared B.underlined C.highlighted D.called 4.A.lives B.works C.starts D.likes II.Choose the best option A, B, C or D to complete each of the following sentences (1.5 m). 5.He enjoys to music while he’s studying A.to listen B.listen C.to listening D.listening 6.Airmail is expensive than surface mail. A.the most B.most C.as D.more 7.If you want to meet the principal, you have to come 2pm and 4pm. A.after B.between C.before D.at 8. “May I help you?”. “ ”. A.What can I do for you? B.I’m sorry. I’m busy now. C.Yes. That’s very kind of you D.How can I help you? 9.Hoa: “Which subjects do you need to imporve?” Phuong: “ .” A.My brother helps me B.I do my homework after dinner C.English and Math D.You should do more exercise. 10.He does morning exercises regularly improve his health A.in order for B.so as to C.for D.in order that III.Choose the unerlined word or phrase that need corecting.(0.5 m) 11.He is enough strong to carry the heavy luggage A B C D 12.My sister often looks at herselves in the mirror A B C D IV.Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets.(1.5 m) 13.Mr.Tan is a doctor. He (work) in a hospital for 5 years. 14.You should (underline) the word you want to learn. 1
  2. I. Language Focus Q. 1  Noun - a deaf- mute Q. 2  Adverb of place - downstairs Structured / MCQ Q. 3  Verb( past simple) - lived ( Multiple choice) Q. 4  intention - is going to read Q. 5  used to + V -used to live Q. 6  verb phrase - learn by heart Q. 7  ask s.o to do s.th - ask me to give Q. 8  Verb (present perfect) - has been II. Q. 1  Yes-No question - Did Q. 2  advice - should Q. 3  Wh-question - What Matching Q. 4 Yes-No question - May  Q. 5 Wh-question - How  Q. 6 Wh-question - What  Q. 7  Yes-No question - Did Q. 8 Wh-question - Why  No. of items: 16 10 6 Mark allocated: 4 2.5 1.5 III. Reading comprehension Q. 1  - Identifying details Q. 2  With the topic “Learning English”, the - Identifying details Multiple choic Q. 3  passage is about Luong - Identifying details Q. 4  - Identifying details Yes - No question Q. 5  - Identifying details Wh- question No. of items: 5 3 2 Mark allocated: 2 1.5 0.5 IV. Grammar Q. 1  Past simple - wrote Q. 2  Future simple - will buy Q. 3  Present progressive - are practicing Guided write / write Q. 4  Present simple - reads the sentences with Q. 5  Present progressive - is driving words/ phrases given. Q. 6  Modal: must - work 3
  3. ĐỀ KIỂM TRA HỌC KỲ I (2013 – 2014) Môn: Tiếng Anh 8 Thời gian: 45 phút (KKGĐ) Số phách: Điểm Chữ ký giám khảo Chữ ký giám thị 1: Chữ ký giám thị 2: I. Choose the best words by circling the letter A, B, C or D. (2 points) 1. A person who can not speak or hear is called ___. A. a character B. a deaf C. a blind D. a deaf – mute 2. I am living on the 3nd floor. Peter is living ___ on the 2rd floor. A. downstairs B. upstairs C. outside D. inside 3. Nga ___ in Hue last year. A. lives B. lived C. live D. is living 4. Luong has a new novel. He ___ it. A. read B. will read C. reads D. is going to read 5. When I was young, I used to ___ in Tan Hiep. A. living B. lives C. lived D. live 6. Some people try to learn new words ___ heart. A. at B. with C. in D. by 7. Miss Jackson asked me ___you this dictionary. A. to give B. giving C. give D. gave 8. Na here since last week. A. has been B. was C. have been D. were II.Match the sentences in column A with those in column B.(2 points) A B 1. Did you help Na cook dinner? 1 A. You should speak with foreigners. 2. Your speaking is bad. 2 B. We should learn them in contexts. 3. What are your hobbies? 3 C. No, She did it himself. 4. May I help you? 4 D. They are badminton and chess. 5. How should we learn words? 5 E. She is short and has curly black hair. 6. What does Lee look like? 6 F. Because she stayed up late last night. 7. Did Luong use to visit Da Lat? 7 G. No, he didn’t. 8. Why was Hoa late for school? 8 H. No, thank you. I’m fine. III/ Read the passage carefully In the first year of lower secondary school, Luong had some difficulties in learning English. His English pronunciation was really bad and his English grammar was worse. He did not know how to improve them. He didn’t want his father and mother to know about this. One afternoon after the lesson, his teacher of English told him to wait for her outside the classroom. She took him to the school library and showed him cassettes of pronunciation drills kept in a glass bookcase. She also told him how to use an English – English dictionary to improve his English grammar. He made much progress and only one year later, He won the first prize in the English Speaking Contest held for secondary school students in his hometown. 5
  4. 1. D 2.A 3.B 4.D 5.D 6.D 7.A 8.A II. Match the sentences in column A with those in column B (2 ms) 1.C 2.A 3.D 4.H 5.B 6.E 7.G 8.F III. Read the passage carefully a. Choose the best answers ( 1.5 m) 1. C 2. A 3. B b. Answer the questions (0.5m) 1. (student’s answer) 2. (student’s answer) IV. Give the correct forms of the verbs in brackets (2 ms) 1. wrote 2. will buy / are going to buy 3. are practicing 4.reads 5.is driving 6.work 7. to cry 8. rides V. Rewite the following commands and requess in reported speech. (2ms) 1. Hoa asked Lan to give her her book. 2. She asked me to take her these books to her classroom. 3. The teacher said Tam should practice speaking English every day. 4. Mrs Jackson asked me to give you this dictionary. ĐỀ CƯƠNG ÔN TẬP ANH VĂN LỚP 8 HỌC KỲ I – NĂM HỌC 2013 -2014 I. Language Focus (Multiple choice, Matching) - Nouns - Adverbs of place: downstairs, upstairs, - intention: be going to - used to + V-bare infinitive - verb phrases - ask s.o to do s.th - advice: should, ought to - Question words: What, Where, When, How many - Yes-No question - Wh - questions II. Reading (True/ False statements, Questions) Passages with the topics about learning a foreign language III. Grammar (give the correct forms of the verbs) - present simple tense - present progressive tense - Future simple - past simple - Modals + V-bare infi IV. Writing Rewrite the sentences with cue words (Reported Speech) 7
  5. work in Rome. In 1982, she and Mario got married and then they had two children, Sam and Mary. Now they are living together happily. 16. When did Mario start teaching? => 17. What did he give Janet? => 18. How many children did they have? => 19. Up to now, how long have they got married? => V. Supply a suitable word in each gap (1 points) 20. Na is new .our class. 21. My school is big. Yours is big, too. My school is the same yours. 22. Mom, give my love Grandma 23. It’s very kind .you to say so. VI. Rewrite the sentence so that it remains original meaning (3 points) 24. I have an interest in reading magazines. => I’m interested 25. They have learned at school for 10 years => They started . 26. Peter is taller than I am => I am not . 27. He is a careful driver. => He drives 28. Why don’t we go on a picnic? => Let’s . 29. I love fishing in my free time => I enjoy KEY A. TRẮC NGHIỆM. I. Circle the letter that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest (1 point)-(0,2 point for a right answer) 1 2 3 4 5 D B C A B II. Tick (V) the best answer (2 point)-(0,4 point for a right answer) 6 7 8 9 10 B A D C A III. Each sentence has one mistake. Circle the letter you find (1 point) (0,2 point for a right answer) 11 12 13 14 15 9